Response to Georgetown’s sale of slaves

Posted by Rose - July 2nd, 2016


This spring The New York Times published several stories about Georgetown University’sGeorgetown_University_-28 history of selling slaves.  As a Georgetown alum, I followed those stories and joined family members and Harvest Time friends in processing the impact of learning about this history.   In those conversations, I shared my grief that Jesuit priests, the priests who taught me about the faith that does justice, were at the heart of this sale of slaves.  I also wondered how Georgetown, and those of us who benefited from a Georgetown education, should respond to this history.

As I reflected on this issue and read what Georgetown was doing in response, I kept feeling as if a piece was missing.  One quiet morning early this month, I sat down and penned a letter to the president of the university, offering my perspective. Below is the text of that letter.  I want to share it with you because I am aware that many of us in the Harvest Time network are pondering how to best respond to the realities of racism that are present in our history and culture.   Here is one way that I am responding.


Dear Dr. DeGioia,

As a Georgetown alum, I have followed with interest and grief the New York Times’ recent stories about Georgetown’s sale of slaves. I have also read your letter to the Georgetown community and your speech about steps the university is taking to face this history and address current realities of racial injustice. I commend you and the university for making such a bold commitment to addressing the persistent legacy of racism.

And as I read about this issue, I keep feeling as if a piece is missing, a piece that I learned from the Jesuits. I offer my perspective now in a spirit of gratitude for my Georgetown education and formation.

In addition to the steps you have outlined to make Georgetown an academic center for studying African American experience and exploring possible reparations, I suggest that Georgetown also develop opportunities to do the inner spiritual work necessary to become conscious of and uproot the sins of racism that live inside the human mind and heart. Without attention to the inner dynamics of racism, I fear our actions will fall short of true reconciliation.

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A First Look at Wisdom & Money

Posted by Rose - June 13th, 2016

The Need

Within a mile of Wisdom & Money’s office in Redwood City, unprecedented levels of wealth and material abundance exist as does extreme poverty, racism and their accompanying human suffering.   This growing economic inequality is present not only in our neighborhood but all over the country and the world. We are also aware that the current economic system is rooted in paradigms of growth and extraction that are creating environmental crises that threaten life. At Wisdom & Money, we ask “How can we bring our money into alignment with Christian wisdom and with our own hearts so that all human beings can thrive, live in harmony with each other and the earth, and participate in what God is doing in the world?” Read More »

It’s Harvest Time

Posted by Rose - June 13th, 2016

garden EarthRise_2014-07-4286

“Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. “ John 12:24

Dear Friends,

Harvest Time is in the midst of an important shift.

In January 2017, we will open a new organization called Wisdom & Money that will carry the work begun in Harvest Time forward. In this letter, I would like to share some information about why we made this decision, provide a first look at Wisdom & Money and invite your participation in the transition.

I want to be clear at the outset that even though there is a death and rebirth happening, the heart of this transition is not about ending our work with money and Christian spirituality, or ending our relationships with you, our friends. Instead, we are gathering the wisdom we have discovered together and preparing to share it more broadly.   In this sense, it’s harvest time for this ministry. Read More »


Posted by Rose - April 13th, 2016

At Harvest Time we ask, “How can we bring our money into alignment with Christian wisdom and with our own hearts so that all human beings can thrive?” 

For more than 15 years, we have been offering retreats and spiritual companionship for people who ask this question. We are privileged to know people who have been able to transform their relationship with money and find ways (i.e. through philanthropy, investing, business management, etc.) for their resources to serve the common good.   Click here to read some of their stories. Or explore the many other reflections on money and Christian spirituality that are available on this website. 

If you would like to know more, please email Rose at  We’d love to hear from you!

Remembering Don McClanen

Posted by Noa - February 26th, 2016

Don McClanen photo by Judy Bork

Don McClanen photo by Judy Bork

I received news last week that Don McClanen, Harvest Time’s founder, died on February 16 at the age of 91.  Learning of his passing made me pause to appreciate the profound impact he had on my life and on the lives of many of my friends.   In this piece, I want to share a few memories from my journey with Don, knowing full well that many people in Harvest Time’s network have similarly inspiring, amusing and heart-breaking stories to tell about this amazing man.

I met Don in the early 90’s at a Ministry of Money retreat that I signed up for because I had more money than I needed. I did not know how to work with that as a Christian who cared about social justice.  I was grateful for the ministry Don created that offered retreats where people could talk openly about money and faith.     Don was a gracious host at that retreat.  I remember too his passion for justice.   He was not afraid to look beyond the charitable focus of most money conversations in order to name the systemic dimensions of economic injustice.  He struck me as a modern prophet whose commitment to the Gospel attracted and terrified me.

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2015 Reflection

Posted by Rose - December 2nd, 2015

Click here to download a PDF of this letter: 2015 Reflection

Dear friends,

Within a mile of our office in Redwood City, unprecedented levels of wealth and material abundance exist alongside extreme poverty.   At Harvest Time we ask, “How can we bring our money into alignment with spiritual wisdom and with our own hearts so that all human beings can thrive?”   In this letter, I would like to share with you some of the ways that we have been asking that question this year and invite you to consider making a financial gift so we can continue to offer this ministry. Read More »

Mississippi Wrench by Rose Feerick

Posted by Noa - August 3rd, 2015

Mississippi Wrench 

By Rose Feerick 

My Mississippi wrench is in my pocket.

I grabbed it this morning on my way out the door. I was too tired, too harried to pack GE DIGITAL CAMERAsomething for a traveling altar last night. But this morning in between pouring cereal, packing lunches, and giving boys hugs I grabbed it off my altar and thought “this will do.”

From time to time today, I found myself reaching back to touch its cool metal handle. It made me feel powerful in that grounded kind of way. Like I knew who I was – Jesus’ girl – the one who is not afraid of the gritty parts of life. Like I knew I could fix things.  Read More »

CWV’s Vision for A Transformative Retreat Center By Alease Bess

Posted by Noa - July 31st, 2015

In our fervent pursuit of justice, many grassroots organizations and affinity groups have

Alease_(1_of_1)need of meeting and retreat facilities that are affordable and luxurious, with outdoor conveniences and indoor amenities, possessing options for activity and exercise as well as rest and refreshment, where the available media options are vast, the organic food varieties are extensive, and no one has to share a bed to be able to attend.

Our vision is to build a retreat center designed to be able to sustain the transformation of our relationships with God, self, others, and things (including the whole earth).

Our vision centers on creating a place where people practice bringing their spirit forward, on land that will sustain the heart and soul of that work. We have made a long-term commitment to our vision of a retreat center and to serving the needs of the local community surrounding the Promised Land. As we fulfill this vision and commitment, the land becomes more and more sacred as do the activities on the land.

We expect to create a sustainable retreat center that employs the most recent green technology and best building practices. The Retreat Center will one day include a building of bedroom suites to accommodate 30 people, a main center with dining facilities, exercise rooms, and meeting space; two Hermitages; a recording studio, and a pavilion. On the grounds there will also be a community campfire area, meditation gardens, sweat lodge, sound barriers, butterfly gardens, walking trails, labyrinth, pastures, food growth, and alternative energy areas.

Why I was in Mississippi with Harvest Time By Mary Brooks Tyler 

Posted by Noa - July 10th, 2015

At our gathering in Atlanta in 2009, I was in full-blown ‘awakening.’ Awakening sounds so, well, beautiful. And it is, as all is God’s beauty of creation, but what also is true, awakening is a very destructive process. And I was fully destructing before everyone’s eyes. My eyes were open.

When my awakening, burst forth during our gathering, I was a wide-open channel. Yes, there was a clear and strong connection to my Higher Self that I had never experienced before. But there was something else. A darkness, an energy, rushed in to interfere with what I was doing.

On that day when I spoke that ‘the wealthy were controlling’, there was no energy in our Circle that I was ‘picking up on.’ In those moments, I was being interfered with by the darkness that had come in. I could not see anything but the overwhelming nature of darkness.

This energy that came in to interfere with the bringing forth of Light was an enslaving energy. I was shown an ancient time when this energy interfered with God’s plan and brought total enslavement to groups of people. It was the energy of dominion over. I was told that it was time to heal this.

In my full pulverization, my full opening to Grace’s fierce alchemy, I was heldDSC09726. I was held in the strongest intent of Love. I was held in God’s own fierce alchemy of the Circle. Individuals seasoned in and by their own surrender. Those who know the grace of surrender. I was held even when my wide open seeing filled me with the terror of revelation. I was held in Love.

We Were Not There To Build A Retreat Center by Rose Feerick

Posted by Noa - July 10th, 2015

It took me a long time to realize that Harvest Time was not in Mississippi to build a retreatRose_talking_(1_of_1) center.

I was so captivated by the visions I read, so inspired by the people I met who responded to the initial letter, that I wanted to be a part of it. I did not understand at first that manifesting the retreat center vision was not Harvest Time’s work.

Nancy Thurston used the image of what an engineer does to get a piece of land ready to build. There is the clearing of the earth, the removal of debris and the digging of a hole for a foundation. Only when the site is ready can building begin.

Harvest Time’s role, I came to understand, had something to do with clearing the space so that whatever was built would stand on a solid foundation. Except it wasn’t the physical land we had to make sure was clear but the spirit of the gift. Read More »

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